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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sock On This

It may seem arbitrary, looking in from the outside, but we do have a plan at work here.  In fact, the release of our upcoming booklets Shibui Luxury and Shibui Socks is so organized that we have spreadsheets with dates, locations, and all sorts of other serious information.

But that isn't half as interesting as a lot of other topics like, oh, pretty pictures and my own brand of introspective color theory.  I was browsing ravelry (looking for new Shibui projects to admire) and found quite a few that are worth fav'ing:
  • Murf's TINY Tea Leaves Cardi, knit with Shibui Sock in 'Mulberry'
  • Knittimo's Wisp, knit with Shibui Silk Cloud in 'Mulberry'
  • Nonsie's Girasole, knit with Shibui Sock in 'Wasabi'
  • Erron's Swallowtail Shawl, knit with Shibui Silk Cloud in 'Mulberry'
  • Annika72's Friedas Decke, knit with Shibui Sock in 'Orchid', 'Peony', and 'Wasabi'
Which tells me one of two things, either: a) 'Mulberry' and 'Wasabi' are the bestest colors ever as far as our loyal knitters on ravelry are concerned; or, b) I only noticed the projects knit in red-violet or green yarn.  Let's hope it's (a).

But even if you're not tickled pink by 'Mulberry' and 'Wasabi', you should try browsing the Projects pages (all 458 of them!) for Shibui yarns on ravelry.  It's amazing to see what people have been making with our yarns.  And quite inspiring, too.  I've found many new patterns to try that way.

Speaking of inspiring patterns on ravelry, did you know that Shibui Luxury and Shibui Socks are now in the ravelry database as sources?  Not all the patterns have been added (see first paragraph re: schedule), but expect to see a new pattern every couple of days or so.

You'd better believe I went and clicked that little heart button the moment Eustacia was up (shown above).   I just love this pattern.  It's so sensual looking.  And the way the fabric feels?  Oh... my.  I helped Kristin block the sample shown in the booklet and that was an decadent experience I won't forget soon.  Staccato and Silk Cloud really do make for a dynamic duo.

And not just for enveloping wraps, either.  See Isabella:

A pair of bedsocks worthy of the Medici.  Silk?  Check.  Merino?  Also check.  And add the softest kid mohair available to give the pair a subtle halo and super-fuzzy feel.  Now, Isabella isn't on ravelry... yet.  But I have it on good authority (thank you, again, schedule) that the pattern will be up soon.

We do, however, have two more patterns from Shibui Socks that are on ravelry.  The first, Willamette:

Were knit with Sock in 'Marine' and they feature a modified half-linen stitch pattern that does really cool things with hand-painted yarn.  The socks are mirrored because the designer is ever so slightly OCD.  (Ahem.)  Then we have Alameda:

Knit with Staccato in 'Green Apple'.  This pattern has three sizes (Child, Woman's Man's) and is shown in both adult sizes in the booklet.  You can see more pictures on ravelry.  The design features seed rib, making it perfect for almost anyone.  Men, women, children, you name it.  It's a great simple sock that won't bore you to tears while knitting it and that the recipient will actually wear when it's done.

As of 4:30pm PDT, six of the ten patterns from Shibui Socks are on ravelry.  But you can only get a sneak peek at what's coming next here...

Waterfront.  Just don't tell anyone I told you.  And be sure to act surprised when it pops up.

But now I must away.  Until next time, stay cool!
~ Sara M.

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