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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Long, hot summer days

Nothing says summer to me like sunflowers. They're absolutely iconic of warmth, sunshine, and lazy days.  Which is probably why I associate rich golden yellows and mellow oranges with the height of summer.  In reflection of that, I pulled together my favorite August colors to share...

Staccato Butter

Staccato Bohemian

Staccato Sprout

Highland Wool Pagoda

Sock Finch

Staccato Redwood

I'm sure plenty of people will argue with me and say these are fall colors, but I'm sticking to my choices.  Think marigolds and lilies and bumblebees and, of course, sunflowers, and you might just agree.

It'd be fun to share more, but we're just swamped (have you seen the Fall Staccato multis?).  Check back on Thursday for an update on the goings on in ShibuiLand.  Oh, and keep a weather eye on the horizon for an action-packed Newsletter!

~ Sara M.

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