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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get this show on the road

Here in Portland, Oregon, the weather has taken a decided turn to the autumnal mode. While we’d all love to take a road trip to sunnier climes, we’re also happy to stay here and pack up the beautiful boxes of Shibui that get to see other parts of the country...and the world.

After a very successful stint at Knit Purl, downtown Portland’s favorite LYS, our Luxury, Sock, Argyle, and Baby trunk shows are hitting the road. While at Knit Purl, the sumptuous samples helped book and yarn sales soar; over 50 Socks booklets left, usually accompanied by a few skeins of Staccato or Sock; and nearly 100 Luxury booklets were sold. Needless to say, Silk Cloud, Baby Alpaca, and Staccato sales were off the chart! 

To help avoid the dreaded same-as-sample-itis (you know what we mean; when everyone who comes in MUST make the pattern in the exact same colourway as the sample garment.....), we’ve had our army of knitting elves swatch a variety of combinations of fiber and colour. We’ve put these together in a neat little booklet that will accompany the Luxury trunk show, and will help customers visualize different opportunities to make a garment that is uniquely their own.  Here are some of the many samples made blocking before they joined the show:

To schedule a trunk show for your shop, contact Lindsay at lindsay(at)shibuiknits(dot)com. She’ll let you know what slots are available for a two week showing. As the holidays approach, all three of these packages highlight items that make perfect holiday gifts or just provide a bit of a treat for the knitter during the cooler months to come.

- Kristin F.

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